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Our Team


Amy Galioto

Yoga Instructor

I am Amy Galioto a E-RYT 500-hour YACEP certified yoga instructor registered with Yoga Alliance and teaching since April of 2017.  Born and raised in Holland, Michigan, my passion for yoga blossomed while living in Boulder, Colorado. Since moving back to West Michigan with my husband, I have fallen in love with the yoga community here. 


My teaching style is a bit hands-off, using clear,

brief, yet comprehensive cues. I have guided yogis through weekly group classes and specialized series as we'll as one-on-one personalized sessions in person and online.


I teach a variety of styles from Restorative to Hatha to Vinyasa and I'm inspired by the many traditions and disciplines of yoga which I infuse into all my offerings.


Jenn Gietzen

Sound Therapist

Jenn Gietzen is a music therapist, sound therapist and music teacher who has been using music and sound to help others improve the quality of their lives in deeply meaningful ways. She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Music Therapy and shortly thereafter developed a private practice as well working in schools with kids of all ages. Through her work, Jenn was witnessing the power of soothing sound and how it can help people relax into the present moment, let go of the worries and task lists for a bit, of the expectations we and others have on us and just be, remembering who we really are, a human being, not a human doing. Jenn pursued a sound healing certification in 2021 from Sound Embrace. She has been holding sound therapy sessions since then and has seen the power of this ancient healing art in play. It is an incredible healing modality supported by science and research that can heal the body, mind and spirit. It can help to alleviate pain, stress, and anxiety. Sound meditation invites us to sense the deep connection we have to our inner world as well as to others, allowing us to feel deeply connected.  Jenn incorporates mindfulness, breathwork, visualization and other creative modalities into her sound immersions that offer a safe space to drop into the heart and out of the head.  She plays a multitude of instruments in her sound baths, including gongs, drums, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, guitar, voice and more. She provides sound and music therapy for individuals, couples, small and large groups as well as in Hospice. Jenn is a mom of two beautiful humans who keep her on her toes in the best of ways. She also loves creating jewelry and other various objects with metal, deep conversations, long walks and really good coffee.

Tracie Prince profile pic.jpeg

Tracie Prince

Pilates Mat Instructor

After 25 years of teaching Montessori Infants, toddlers and Preschoolers, and raising 4 children it was time for a new journey.  With a well established home yoga practice, I began practicing in a studio. I had been studying and researching the philosophy of yoga as well as practicing the physical asanas when a classmate said to me “Tracie, I love being behind you in class and watching you move, you should teach.”  At that moment I couldn’t imagine teaching adults, but the idea stuck with me. I completed a 200hr Teacher’s Training and began to teach. It has been such a joy. I have have added certifications in Yin Yoga, children’s yoga and Pilates. I love teaching family yoga, seniors and beginner to intermediate level classes. My teaching style is slower paced with  cues to help with proper alignment and form. I offer modifications for levels above and below so that everyone can get what they are looking for from class. In my classes you will find space to focus on your mind and body while moving in a safe way building strength and flexibility.

2016-08-07 11.18.23.JPG

Joy Jonker

Yoga Instructor

I have been doing yoga for 20 years, teaching for over 10.  My experience is teaching studio yoga, assisting the past 4 years in yoga teacher trainings in Costa Rica, countless workshops all over the country to continue my education.  Currently I hold a 500 hr YTT, I’m certified in “Wisdom Warriors” (for the “aging yogi”) and have Advanced certification in restorative yoga; all recognized by Yoga Alliance (the national governing agency on yoga teachers.)

My classes focus on a hatha style of yoga and would be for the intermediate to practiced yoga student.  Every class includes an intention, a focus on breath work, asana and restorative. My purpose is lead students toward self discovery, ease of movement, a sense of community, and above all, not take yourself too seriously! Lighten up!!


Gina Morrow

Yoga Instructor

I attended my first yoga class in 2001 with a friend and I was completely hooked! I soon realized that yoga is so much more than a workout, it is a bridge between our body, breath, and movement. In 2013 I received my RYT 200 certification studying under Michelle Fife, Founder of SEVA Yoga in East Grand Rapids. "Namaste"  is one of my favorite words.... it reminds me what one of my my ultimate goals in life is... to honor the light that resides within others, the same light that resides within me, the light of God's love.

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Sierra Schuetz

Yoga Instructor

Sierra has been practicing yoga for 11 years. She completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification from The Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2022. With a past rooted in adventure and devoted study, Sierra values unearthing and nurturing strength and vitality, cultivating a growth-oriented yoga community, and open dialogue between student and teacher.


Tiffanie V.

Yoga Instructor

"My name is Tiffanie, and I've been practicing yoga for close to 15 years now. For me, it began as a physical practice, just a feel good way to move my body. I realized quickly that even though my initial intent was having a workout, I was reaping the many and more meaningful benefits of yoga as I went along.


Yoga has taught me so many things about myself and others. I've learned to deepen the connections of my life, both inward and outward. It is a constantly evolving practice and continues to inspire me daily. 


I love learning and re-learning. I view teaching as a way that I get to interact and share and continue to be a student as well. 


Outside of yoga, I spend a lot of time out in nature in some way, I read, watch movies, paint, play video games, spend time with my animals and people I enjoy, and much more. I'm usually up for almost anything. Life is great and has so much to offer us."




Kristin Reinink

Yoga Instructor

Kristin has devoted over 18 years to helping children and adults, as a local mental health and alcohol and drug counselor. Kristin began practicing yoga over 13 years ago and has found yoga to be hugely beneficial to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Kristin earned her 200hr Heart Centered Yoga Certificate at From The Heart Yoga and Tai Chi Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Kristin primarily teaches Hatha yoga as well as family and kids yoga classes. 


In her free time Kristin loves to spend time with her husband, Ford, six year old son Max and one year old daughter Donna. She enjoys hiking, skiing and taking advantage of Holland's beautiful lakeshore. Kristin considers herself a seeker, actively looking to discover more and live a richer, happier and more meaningful life. 

Robyn Parks Head Shot.jpg

Robyn Parks

Yoga Instructor

Robyn has been practicing yoga for the past 20 years.  She recently completed the Yoga Alliance RYT200 training in 2021 from Satya Yoga Studio.  She is continuing her education with a focus on  Yin Yoga and Child’s Trauma Yoga. Robyn provides a unique experience of Hatha Yoga flow intertwined with some Yin in her practice, allowing students to hold the poses longer while flowing through the practice.  She offers students of all body types and abilities the space and permission to follow along as they move through a series of poses focusing on both the mind and the body as a whole.  Through the mind-body connections, students are provided the opportunity to tap into the sacred space within their practice allowing for a deeper sense of inner peace.

Kimberly Mitchell-MR-02.jpg

Kim Mitchell

Yoga Instructor

Yoga has provided Kim with peace, fun and inspiration throughout all of her adult life. As many people do, as a young adult, she originally sought yoga as a form of exercise, but was fully drawn to the moving meditation aspect of yoga.  A lawyer by training and profession, in 2022, Kim sought out yoga teacher training through Sacred Mood School of Yoga as a creative outlet and to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga. She initially did not intend to teach, but after teaching her first class, was so humbled and energized by teaching that she knew it would not be the last class she taught. She now adores the meaningful connection to others in guiding yoga classes and finds joy in cultivating a nurturing, heart-filling yoga experience for yoga students. Kim and her husband have lived in Holland for almost 20 years and are happily raising their four children on the glorious lakeshore of Holland.

george neuman.jpg

George Neuman

Yoga Instructor

I started my yoga journey in 2017 with the goal of having a better body in retirement than I had at that time.  Yoga started for me simply as a way to increase my flexibility and to be foundational for different cardio and weight training activities.  I found that I enjoyed my yoga sessions and looked for additional venues to broaden my practice beyond what was being offered through my work.  


I discovered Satya Yoga in Saugatuck where I learned how yoga is more than asanas (poses).  I signed up immediately after retirement for the YT200 program offered by Teresa Van Eck at Satya and the Tantric Hatha training resonated with me.  Now I find myself retired and having that better body I sought at the start of my journey - though it is still a work in progress!  The most wonderful thing is that I found myself resonating with the other aspects of yoga beyond the physical.  I love how a goal of yoga is to help bring one peace of mind and reduce suffering.  I have signed up for Yoga Mindset Coaching training as a complement to my initial training, bringing another tool to help my students.     


In addition to yoga, I love to travel and I post many of our travel videos on YouTube at my YogaGeorge channel.  I still keep a bit active in my past career (scientist) through a consulting business.  My wife, Karen, and I enjoy cruising and are working on developing a cruise-based Yoga retreat venture.   No matter where we explore, Holland is always home!

julie d head shot.jpg

Julie DeNooyer

Yoga Instructor

Julie loves the creativity, community, connection to the present moment, inner balance, physical strength and flexibility that yoga offers - wow that’s a lot of good stuff!  Yoga has been a critical component of Julie’s life since she began her yoga journey 10 years ago; her work in physical poses has built confidence and pairing intentional breath with physical movement has been helpful for increased mental clarity.  Julie also enjoys incorporating sound through mantras as part of her classes to increase internal vibration and connect more deeply to body, mind and spirit. 


Julie graduated from Satya Yoga in Saugatuck, MI’s  200 hour YTT in 2021 and is an E-RYT 200 instructor with Yoga Alliance, trained in Hatha Yoga.  


In Julie’s classes you will find well-sequenced flows which inspire creativity and joy.  She offers options during class to go deeper into poses, as well as variations to take the poses to more gentle modifications when her yogis desire.  As a part of class, you will increase physical strength and flexibility as well as build a deeper sense of physical and mental wellbeing - regular yoga practice has the ability to open the physical body, heart and mind.  Julie will also incorporate the beautiful Sanskrit language in addition to intentional English alignment cues.


Julie is looking forward to flowing with you!

jessica b pic.JPG

Jessica Bradley

Yoga Instructor

My yoga journey started in college, when I was looking for ways to move and connect with my body after being a dancer in high school. I fell in love with vinyasa yoga and really appreciated how present I felt with this practice. 


I graduated from Roots Yoga School with my RYT-200 in 2017, which was held at Twisted Hot Yoga in Grand Rapids. I immediately began teaching a variety of hot yoga classes including power flows, slow flows, yin, and yoga/cardio/strength combination classes. I taught at all 3 locations at Twisted Hot Yoga over 5 years and fell in love with the yoga community within West Michigan. During this time I also started a mobile yoga event business called Happy Soul Yoga. I held custom, on-location yoga experiences throughout West Michigan that included a yoga class, a charcuterie meal, and a beautifully designed picnic setting. I really enjoyed incorporating yoga into these wonderful celebrations and seeing the joy and togetherness it brought to people. 


I am currently a licensed psychotherapist in Holland and am incredibly passionate about seeing how yoga aligns beautifully with improving mental health. I am passionate about creating yoga classes that help people feel present, calm, and connected with themselves – a space where people can let go of the stress of day-to-day life and just… be.

susan jones pic.jpg

Susan Jones

Dance Instructor

I have been following my passion for dance for 20 years. My love for performing led me to seek out every opportunity available to either be on stage or perform in front of an audience. Dancing and performing with Stage Project and The Citadel Dance Company led by Lari Lawerence-Gist opened me up to the vast world of creative expression through dance. Along my dancing journey I also performed as a dancer of the Lake Michigan Lady Admirals and Grand Rapids Drive Dance Teams. While performing is always a treasure to experience, assisting others to dance is what I truly feel fulfilled by. I have taught dance for the past 12 years at various studios and athletic centers and have been blessed to coach the Saint Joseph High School Pom squad for two years and the West Ottawa Competitive Varsity Dance Team for five years. While Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Pom are the styles I am known for, I also have experience with ballroom and partner dancing as I was a choreographer and performer for the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra’s event Dancing with the Symphony Stars for four years. Discovering a new form of movement, yoga, is what brought me to this sanctuary of a studio. I am excited to bring my passion for dance to this Kula and honored to be able to pass on the wisdom and knowledge I have.

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